Third Round Of Talks Between SLFP and SLPP Ends Without Significant Outcome: Both Parties Agree To Meet Again In A Month

The third round of discussions between the SLFP and the SLPP, which took place today, ended without a significant outcome, informed political sources said. 

However, both parties had agreed to meet for a fourth round of talks on May 09, they added. 

The SLPP earlier said the future of the discussions between the two parties to form a common alliance would depend on the SLFP's decision on the third reading vote on the budget. 

However, the SLFP decided to abstain from voting at the last moment, allowing the government to pass the budget with a resounding majority in Parliament. 

Although many believed that the SLFP's decision to abstain would break the discussions between the two parties, the SLPP decided to continue with the talks. 

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