President Shoots Down Nominations Of Sudarshana Gunawardena And Shan Wijetunga As New Chairman Of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation

President Maithripala Sirisena has reportedly blocked the appointment of Sudarshana Gunawardena as the new Chairman of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation. 

The Media Minister has had his recommendation for Chairman of Rupavahini twice rejected by the President despite approval being given by the High Post Committee.

Following the 52 day coup, a High Post Committee was appointed to vet all nominees to the SOEs. The committee was appointed by the President. 

In February, Sudarshana Gunawardena was nominated by the Minister of Mass Media as Chairman of Rupavahini. Sudarshana is a lawyer by profession, and he was previously the Chairman of SLBC and the Director General of the Government Information Department.

The High Post Committee approved the name, however, the committee's decision was not sent to the Minister, instead the President informed the Minister he does not approve the appointment. 

Following this rejection, the Minister subsequently nominated Shan Wijetunga, a media professional with over 29 years of experience, and currently the head of the Sri Lanka College of Journalism, as the Chairman of Rupavahini.

The Prime Minister and the Minister both recommended Wijetunga as an independent nominee. The name was sent to the High Post committee for approval. 

On Friday 29th March High Post committee approved the name.

However, once again the committee did not send official confirmation, instead, the President informed the Minister that he did not approve this appointment. 

President has retained the previous Chairman, Inoka Sathyangani, who has not been approved by the High Post Committee. He has also prevented the Minister of Mass Media from carrying out his duties due to political bias.

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