Mangala Announces Fuel Price Hike: Petrol Up By Rs. 3 And Diesel By Rs. 1: Revisions Done According To Fuel Price Formula

Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera announced that the prices of Diesel will be increased by Rs.1 per litre and Petrol by Rs.3 per litre from tonight.

The price revisions, the Finance Minister said, had been done according to the fuel price formula introduced last month by his ministry.

According to the new price revision, Octane 92 will be priced at Rs. 132 per litre and Octane 95 at Rs. 157. Super Diesel will be priced at Rs. 134 per litre and Auto Diesel at Rs. 104. 

This was the second continuous fuel price hike after the UNP regained power after a 51-day political crisis. 

Although the fuel price revision was due last night, the government postponed the announcement by nearly 24 hours. 

The announcement of the fuel price revision came shortly after the government managed to pass the second reading of the budget with a majority of 43 votes. 

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