Harsha Orders Removal Of His Photograph From Swimming Pool Cutout Respecting Criticism On Social Media

February 08, 2019

UNP Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva yesterday said he instructed his staff to remove his photograph from a cutout that was erected to mark the opening of a government school swimming pool project. 

De Silva said he decided to order his staff to remove the photograph respecting criticism on social media. 

The photograph of Dr. de Silva in the cut out set off a firestorm of criticism on social media as many questioned whether the Minister constructed the school swimming pool with his own funds. 

"As a person willing and able to accept criticism and respect others views I asked my office to remove the hoarding that had my photo. At my cost we replaced it without the photo. I pushed real hard to get this pool for Kotte and feel happy that kids will get a chance to enjoy it," the Minister tweeted clarifying his position on the matter. 

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