Harsha De Silva Under Severe Criticism For Using Govt School Swimming Pool Project For Blatant Self-Promotion

February 07, 2019

UNP Minister Dr. Harsha Dr Silva has come under severe criticism on social media platforms for using a swimming pool project in a government school for blatant self-promotion. 

A cut-out erected near the newly-constructed swimming pool in Kotte says "Children, get ready to swim", with a large picture of the UNP politician who is the UNP organizer for the same electorate.

Many who criticized de Silva's move asked whether the swimming pool was constructed with the private funds provided by the UNP Parliamentarian.

" This is, in my opinion, wrong at multiple levels. Firstly, politicians should not use projects in government schools for this sort of shameless self-promotion. Secondly, this project was carried out by government funds at the expense of tax payers. A politician, therefore, can't use the project to boost his own image as if he is gifting it out of his pocket, " a political observer said.

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