Negotiations On Gangster's Deportation Or Extradition Currently Underway: Amal Perera's Family Says He Went To Dubai As Entertainer

February 06, 2019

Sri Lankan authorities are currently negotiating the extradition or deportation of Makandure Madush, in underworld criminal who was arrested in Dubai yesterday, top Police sources said. 

Several other notorious drug dealers and a group of popular artistes, including Amal Perera and his son Nadeemal, were arrested in a joint operation carried out by the Dubai and Sri Lankan authorities last evening. 

However, Police sources admitted that there were certain legal complications relating to the extradition of the suspects. 

"Our negotiations to have Udayanga Weeratunga extradited did not bear fruit, " they said referring to the former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia who was arrested in Dubai last year. 

"In that case, deportation of the suspects is a more likely outcome. That will allow is to prosecute them in Sri Lanka, " a source familiar with the matter told Asian Mirror. 

Meanwhile, sources close to Amal Perera's family said the singer attended the party only as an entertainer. 

They said he was invited by his friends to sing at a party in Dubai and the singer was not involved in drug trafficking. 

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