SDIG Latiff Says No To "Late" Extension Offer: Highly Respected Police Officer Ends Illustrious Career

February 05, 2019

Senior DIG M.R. Latiff has reportedly informed the Police Department that he will not accept any service extension after February 01 - his last day in service. 

Latiff, a highly respected Police officer who was instrumental in successful raids against drug dealers and organized criminals, was not given a service extension by the President initially. 

It was later revealed that President Maithripala Sirisena had offered him an assignment at the Presidential Secretariat instead of a service extension. The official, however, has politely refused the job offer.

In a fresh development, sources within the Presidential Secretariat on Monday (04) indicated that the President was contemplating a service extension for Latiff. 

The plan did not materialize as the senior Police officer had already informed the Police Department that he would not accept any extension recommended after February 01. 

Therefore, the officer has now retired from the Police service after an illustrious career. 

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