President Violates His Own Circular: Appoints Cooray And Niluka Ekanayake As Heads Of State Institutions Without "Minimum Qualifications"

The UNP is reportedly up in arms against the decision by President Maithripala Sirisena to appoint former Provincial Governors Reginald Cooray and Niluka Ekanayake as heads of state institution. 

The UNP's opposition to the appointments come against the backdrop of the President's decision to set up a committee, headed by President's Secretary Udaya R. Seneviratne, to get the resumes of all heads of state institutions, nominated by ministers. 

The President had reportedly informed the committee that heads of all state institutions should have a degree from an accepted university as a minimum qualification. 

However, Cooray, the new Chairman of the Gem and Jewelry Corporation, and Ekanayake, the new Chairperson of the State Timber Corporation, are not university graduates.

"It is now clear that the President is applying a different set of rules on his own appointees. He has violated his own circular and undermined the committee that he himself appointed.  This is political opportunism, " a disgruntled UNP Parliamentarian said. 

Cooray and Ekanayake lost their governorships as President Sirisena appointed new governors to all provinces earlier this week. 

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