Speaker Karu Jayasuriya Will Receive Two Reports Tomorrow: One On Proposed Constitution And Other On Clashes In Parliament

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya will receive two important committee reports tomorrow, informed political sources said. 

Minister Mano Ganesan said the experts committee report on constitutional proposals will be presented to the Speaker tomorrow. 

The Minister added that the experts committee report should not be confused with the draft constitution. 

The experts committee report will pay attention to views expressed by all political parties on the interim report of the Constitutional Assembly's Steering Committee. 

Meanwhile, Parliamentary Committee investigating into the unruly incidents in the Chamber in November will hand over its report to the Speaker tomorrow.  

Attacking Police personnel and MPs with chilli powder , sneaking in a knife into the Chamber, pouring water on the Speaker’s Chair, damaging the microphones on the Speaker’s table, hurling copies of the Constitution at MPs, exchanging fisticuffs, hurling abuses at the Chair and conducting mock sittings were some of the incidents investigated by the committee. 

Asian Mirror learns that the committee will recommend action against over six Parliamentarians in connection with the clashes that broke out in Parliament in November. 

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