Fourteen Defeated Politicos Have Entered Parliament Through National List: Nearly 50℅ National List Slots Now Occupied By Defeated Politicians

With UPFA appointing Shantha Bandara as a national list MP, 14 politicians who lost their seats at the last General Election have been appointed to Parliament through the national list. 

Bandara contested the last Parliamentary election from the Kurunegala District on the UPFA ticket and failed to secure his seat. 

The large majority of defeated politicians who secured Parliamentary seats through the national list are from the UPFA. 

However, the UNP to has appointed former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka, who contested the last Parliamentary election from his own party, as a national list MP. 

The JVP has appointed Sunil Handunetti, who failed to secure a seat from the Matara district at the last General Election, as a national list MP. 

The TNA has also appointed two members who failed to secure seats at the last election from the national list. 

According to the Consitution, 29 out of 225 slots in Parlisment have been allocated to national list MPs. 

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