President Holds Meeting With Ministry Secretaries: Requests Them To Continue Public Services Without Disruptions Despite Political Turmoil

December 04, 2018

President Maithripala Sirisena today held a meeting with ministry secretaries aiming to ensure that the state sector functions without disruptions amid a turbulent political environment. 

Addressing the meeting, the President instructed all ministry secretaries to ensure that the public services remain unaffected despite the current political instability. 

The President's Media Division said Sirisena instructed all ministry secretaries to fulfil their respective duties and responsibilities according to the laws of the country 

"Further, in this context, the President has already given the necessary orders to all state services, Tri-forces and the police to fulfil their duties and responsibilities with a commitment towards the general public of the country and for the national security," the PMD also said.      

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