Political Crisis: Public Debate Between #LetMeVote And #PresidentialFirst At Viharamahadevi Open Air Theatre Tomorrow

December 04, 2018

#NextGenSL - a public debate on whether a Presidential or Parliamentary election is the best solution to the current political crisis will be held at the Viharamahadevi Open Air Theatre tomorrow (December 05) and 5 PM. 

Two teams, #LetMeVote and #PresidentialFirst will take part in the debate representing the two main political camps. 

#LetMeVote, the affirmative team for the debate, will include R.Manoj Gamage, Jehan Hameed, Arun Thambimuttu and Eranda Ginige. They will propose that the current political crisis can only be resolved through a Parliamentary election.

This will be contested by team #PresidentialFirst comprises Namal Wijayamuni Zoysa, Lihini Fernando, Dinal Edirisinghe and N.K. Ashokbharan. 

Politicians representing the two main political camps will also attend the event. 

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