SLFP MP Group Led By Duminda Dissanayake Hold Crucial Talks With President: Express Displeasure Over Current Situation In Parliament

November 29, 2018

A group of SLFP Parliamentarians led by Duminda Dissanayake yesterday held a discussion with President Mathripala Sirisena on the current state of affairs in Parliament, a source familiar with the discussion told Asian Mirror. 

The meeting took place in the wake of reports that the group was planning to form an independent group Parliament, without joining the Rajapaksa group or the UNP. However, they are expected to support the current struggle for the restoration of Parliamentary democracy in the country, informed sources added. 

The group led by Dissanayake had informed the President that Rajapaksa should step down from the Prime Minister's position, as he had failed to demonstrate a majority. They had pointed out that the Parliamentarian who commands the support of the majority of MPs should be given the Prime Minister's position, irrespective of his or her political party. 

They had also expressed displeasure over former President Mahinda Rajapaksa's move to obtain membership with the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna. Along with Rajapaksa, along 50 Parliamentarians of the UPFA obtained membership with the SLPP, aiming to contest the next Parliamentary election under the same group. 

President Sirisena's response to the SLFP MP group was not immediately clear. When contacted by Asian Mirror, a spokesman close to Sirisena said he was not in a position to release the details of the discussion to the public.

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