Speaker's Office Warns Public Of Fake Letter Currently Being Circulated On Social Media: "Speaker Never Sent Letter To CJ On NCM"

November 21, 2018

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya's office said the letter circulating on social media suggesting that the Speaker had a communication with Chief Justice Nalin Perera on the no-confidence motion against Rajapaksa was fake. 

"No such letter was sent by the Speaker's Office. There is no need for a letter of that sort. The law is very clear on the no-confidence motion and the Speaker is the sole authority," a spokesman from the Speaker's Office said. 

"We don't know where it originated from. We hear that it is being circulated widely on social media," he said. 

He also added that Hansard, the official record of Parliamentary debates, has reported the Speaker's proclamation to the effect that the no-confidence motion against former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been passed in Parliament

"Hansard is now available to the public," he added. 



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