Speaker Makes Crucial Decision To Suspend Standing Orders And Conduct Floor Vote On Nov 14 To Determine Majority 

November 07, 2018

Making a crucial announcement, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said he would suspend Standing Orders and test the Parliamentary majority in a floor vote when Parliament is next convened on November 14. 

The Speaker said it would be done to ensure political stability in the country as the FDIs, the Colombo Stock Exchange and the economy have suffered severely due to the growing political instability. 

The decision has been arrived at following a party leaders meeting held in Parliament today, chaired by the Speaker. 

Jayasuriya has informed the party leaders that he as to take into account the motion submitted by 116 MPs expressing their opinion on the current political instability.

The large majority of party leaders, except for the ones representing the UPFA, were in favour of the Speaker's decision. 

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