TNA And TPA Delegations Explain To President Why They Cannot Support Him: Urge To Convene Parliament At An Earlier Date

November 07, 2018

A group of TNA MPs, led by Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan, met President Maithripala Sirisena today to urge him to convene Parliament at an earlier date. 

The President has already announced that Parliament will be reconvened on November 14. The TNA today informed the President that Parliament should be convened at an earlier date to discuss the current political crisis and arrive at a solution. 

TNA MPs Selvam Adaikilanathan,  D. Siddaarthan, and M.A. Sumanthiran also met the President along with their party leader. 

"The President explained to us the reasons leading to his decisions. We listened to them patiently and told him they are only internal matters of the government. We explained to him why we cannot support his undemocratic actions and tried to enlighten him on their far-reaching ramifications," a TNA MP who attended the meeting told Asian Mirror. 

"I am not too certain if the President agreed with our remarks. But he promised to take the concerns we raised into consideration,"  he added. 

Meanwhile, the President also held a discussion this morning with MPs of the Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA), led by Minister Mano Ganesan. 

After the discussion, Ganesan told media that his group informed the President that as a "civilized" political movement, they were not in a position to support him. 


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