Vavuniya Urban Council Chairman Uses Garbage Collection Truck For Official Transport: "Officials Turning Blind Eye To My Grievances"

Courtesy: Lankadeepa Courtesy: Lankadeepa

Chairman of the Vavuniya Urban Council E. Gauthaman used the garbage collection truck belonging to the council for his official transport yesterday. 

The Chairman made the unprecedented move as he had not received an official vehicle so far from the government. 

Gauthaman said the two vehicles owned by the council were in dilapidated condition and therefore he was forced to use the garbage collection truck. 

He also said the Secretary and the Chief Accountant of the council too did not have official vehicles. 

The Chairman said multiple requests presented by him asking for new vehicles had fallen on deaf ears and the authorities had turned a blind eye to his problems. 

The Chairman came for a meeting at the Vavuniya District Secretariat yesterday, in the garbage collection truck 

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