Hirunika Calls For Reintroduction Of Criminal Defamation; Launches Scathing Attack On Two TV Channels, Newspapers

UNP Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra today called for the reintroduction of criminal defamation laws to save Parliamentarians from pernicious attacks by media. 

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Premachandra launched a scathing attack on two private TV channels and some newspaper for publishing fabricated stories to tarnish her image. 

"I have been targeted by them as I stand up for the right thing. What media has launched against me is a selective and targeted campaign as some media bosses don't like what I am doing. This is immoral, vicious and uncivilized, " the Parliamentarian said, in an emotionally charged speech. 

"They recently fabricated a story about a court case involving me. They painted a distorted picture of the case through their usual misreporting, " she added, stating it was. a deliberate initiative. 

"As a Parliamentarian, my privileges have been violated. I request the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker to launch an investigation into the matter and mete out justice to me, " she said. 

Premachandra also said she has come under persistent attacks as she was a lone woman crusading against powerful evil forces operating in mafia-style. 

"I am aware of various deals they have struck with the government. I know how they are operating behind-the-scene. I am not sure whether they are trying to drag me into a street fight, " she said adding that many parliamentarians have been targeted by the same unruly elements. 

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