Mujiber To Take Legal Action Against JO MPs Over Milk Packet Controversy: Says Gammanpila Has An Underdeveloped Brain

UNP Parliamentarian Mujiber Rahuman today vowed to take legal action against those accused him of poisoning milk packets distributed at the Joint Opposition 'Janabalaya' rally. 

Addressing a press conference at the UNP headquarters 'Sirikotha', Rahuman said he would send a letter of demand requesting Rs. 500 million from those who levelled false allegations against him over the incident. 

The UNP MP addressed the press conference, a day after the Government Analyst determined that the milk packets distributed at the rally were not poisoned. 

Over 30 people from the Dehiaattakandia area who came for the protest rally fell ill and were hospitalized after consuming milk packets distributed in their bus,

The Joint Opposition demanded the government to look into the matter and establish whether the milk packets had been poisoned by an external party.

Speaking to media this morning, Rahuman also hit out at UPFA MP Udaya Gammanpila who publicly accused him of poisoning the milk packets. 

"Gammanpila has an underdeveloped brain. That's why he came up with nonsensical allegations," the UNP Parliamentarian said. 


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