GMOA Activist Wants President To Save Specialist Doctor From Criminal Prosecution Over Fatal Accident As She Is A "Special Individual"


An activist of the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has said the specialist doctor, who has been charged with committing a fatal accident which claimed the life of a Police officer, should be pardoned by President Maithripala Sirisena as she was a “special Individual.”

The opinion expressed by a GMOA member by the name of Chanith Paduruarachchi has stirred up a controversy on social media. Many had condemned the statement by the GMOA activist with contempt as it called for the release of a medical practitioner facing criminal charges.

“All I know is, without any doubt, she is an asset to a country with her education and expertise while she’s 39 years of age,” the GMOA member says.

“And there is possible power on the hands of the President of Sri Lanka to release such special individuals from any punishment,” he also adds.

The GMOA activist further goes on to say, “And I do stand-by her, as a colleague, as a occasional reckless driver (sic) and as a social drinker.

I Don’t care Ratass (sic) about justice here.”

These obnoxious comments also come amid allegations that another medical doctor had given a bogus report claiming the specialist doctor was not drunk at the time of the fatal accident.

However, the GMOA activist’s comments have stirred up a hornet’s nest on social media with many commentators demanding to subject Peduruarachchi to a mental health examination.

“I am not sure if Peduruarachchi is suffering from a mental illness. But it is certain that this is a personality disorder of some sort. The likes of Peduruarachchi have grown of with the Sri Lankan lower middle-class fantasy of becoming a doctor - a career path with relatively good earning capacity. After attaining that, they deceive themselves into believing that doctors are above other mere mortals and should enjoy immunity even from criminal prosecution. This mentality can even lead them to commit heinous crimes as they place themselves above the law of the land.  It is clear that the likes of Peduruarachchi should undergo urgent rehabilitation,” a social media critique opined.

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