Western Province Chief Minister Rubbishes JVP's Claims: "A Chair Costs Only Rs. 640000: So I Don't See A Problem"

Western Province Chief Minister Isura Devapriya said the JVP's allegation that the council had plans to spend Rs. 650000 each on new chairs for councilors was completely. 

"It is wrong to say that a chair costs Rs. 650000. The actual cost of a chair is Rs. 640000. So I don't see any problem," Devapriya said, speaking to media yesterday. 

"We haven't asked for money from anyone. It is the money earned by the council," the Chief Minister explained. 

"These chairs are no different to chairs used by MPs in Parliament. Not only the chairs, we will also get them high-quality desks," the Chief Minister said. 

JVP councilor for Western PC Laskhamn Nipunaarachchi sought the Provincial Governor's intervention to stop the purchase of new chairs a the cost was exorbitant.

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