President Sirisena Observes State Of The Art Waste Management Centre In Tokyo During His Official Visit

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President Maithripala Sirisena, who is on a state visit to Japan, made an observation tour of modern waste management centre in Shinagawa in Tokyo, today (14).

The city of Tokyo over 9.3 million people produces 11,000 metric tonnes of waste daily and there are 23 centres for the purpose of  waste management.

The waste management centre located in Shinagawa, which was visited by the President, processes 600 metric tonnes of waste daily.

These activities are being carried out environmental friendly manner utilizing the modern technology.

One specialty here is to convert the heat into electrical energy which is a byproduct of the waste management process. While the entire Centre is run by the electricity generated from waste, the remaining electrical energy is added to the national grid. 

Sirisena said that he would inquire about such projects in order to solve the garbage disposal problem in Sri Lanka and would seek the possibility of obtaining assistance from Japan for such projects.

The chief of the waste management centre explained details of the work conducted in the centre to the President and the members the delegation

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