Rohitha Bogollagama’s Wife Caught On Camera Verbally Abusing Hindu Devotees At Muddalamalai Thirikumaran Kovil [VIDEO]

Eastern Province Governor Rohitha Bogollagama’s wife Deepti Bogollagama was caught on camera abusing Hindu devotees at the Muddalamalai Thirikumaran Hindu Kovil in Kunnithivu, Trincomalee. 

According to reports, Deepti Bogollagama had walked into the Hindu temple with her shoes on, desecrating the temple premises.

When the Hindu devotees at the temple informed Deepti Bogollagama that she should not have walked into the temple with her shoes on, she proceeded to verbally abuse them.

The incident was caught on camera and leaked online, where it is currently making the rounds on social media.

Meanwhile, National Coexistence, Dialogue and Official Languages Minister Mano Ganesan tweeted that Deepti Bogollagama was acting like the ‘wife of a colonial governor’ in a manner ‘harmful to national coexistence.’

‘Eastern Province Governor Bogollagama's wife Deepti Bogollagama behaves as if she is wife of a Colonial Governor! Harmful to National Coexistence!!,’ he tweeted.


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