Mahinda Samarasinghe Lashes Out At MR Group: Says Those Supporting 'Pohottuwa' Might Risk Their MP Posts

The internal power struggle within the Sri Lanka Freedom Party has exacerbated with Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe, an ally of President Maithripala sirisena, severely criticising former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his associates for trying to break the party. 

At a press conference in Colombo yesterday, Samarasinghe said those who attempt to promote the 'flower-bud' (pohottuwa) party might risk their MP posts. 

Samarasinghe's statement comes against a backdrop where some groups attempting to broker a peace pact between the two rival groups within the SLFP. 

He said while being MPs of the SLFP, they could not promote candidates of other parties, adding it would be a clear violation of the party constitution. 

The Minister also said the party would keep a close eye on those supporting the flower-bud party candidates, while being members of the SLFP. 

Samarasinghe added if Rajapaksa truly loved the SLFP, he should extend his support to the party's election campaign, without aligning himself with other groups. 

He also said that the SLFP would win the forthcoming Local Government election, even without the support of the Rajapaksas. 

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