More Insult To Sri Lanka Cricket's Wounds: Minister Approves the Same Nine Players Whom He Turned Back At Airport

Adding to the never-ending Sri Lanka Cricket drama, Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera has approved the nine ODI players whom he turned back at the airport on Tuesday saying the ODI squad did not come for the minister's approval. 

The nine players, who were about to board their flight to India, had to come back home following the Minister's directive. 

A few hours after the incident, the Minister had approved the squad and allowed them to fly to India to join the touring Sri Lankan team. 

After the Minister put his signatures to the paper, the players were sent to India. 

The drama on Tuesday added insult to the wounds of the Sri Lankan cricket team which has already suffered embarrassing defeats in three successive tournaments. 

The bi-lateral ODI series is scheduled to start soon after the conclusion of the ongoing Test series. 

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