So New Fines For Road Rule Violations: Good Karma Or Bad Karma?

November 25, 2016

Road rules and regulations are important for the protection of the society. These regulations may differ from country to country. May be state to state. This is due to several key concerns. Such as quality of roads, vehicles and drivers. But it concerns about other underlining factors such as how ethical is the society and education  as well. 

To keep law and order of the society it is absolutely important to have strict fines for rad rules violations. Drunk and reckless driving should be banned by any means. Nobody is against that.

But other than couple of new fines on road rule violations do others makes much sense to pay absurd amount of money? Are general public who drive in public roads that economically fit enough to afford these fines? Minister of Finance may have assumed depending on new vehicles on the road. But one may have to point that many people actually are still paying their vehicle loan yet. With increasing insurance and fuel charges it is becoming into an unaffordable luxury. Wise politicians may have think about  the environment as well. Less vehicles means less environmental pollution.

Since our very anti-corrupt police will make sure public will properly finned while driving in properly constructed (and well maintained) public roads we can hope for non-traffic violating society soon as possible without concerning the social hierarchy.

The fines collected from road rule violations will be used to improve the health sector and other essential services according to Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake. Assuming that this is a new way of funding slow breathing public sector health services, if you are fined please consider it is for the betterment of the health service of this poor third world country.

Good Karma may help you in future (traffic violations)!







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