Jumbo battle for supremacy

November 02, 2016

Recently, the media reported a sensational picture-news story, of a right royal battle between two grown-up jumbos, most probably for the leadership of the clan.

We were glad that the news items were illustrated as, if they hadn’t published photographs of the incident, readers might have thought it a battle between two leading personalities representing the so-called same clan, battling each other to gain the upper hand in the political arena.

When rare incidents of this nature happen, some of our ancestors -- who believe in various mythological stories -- treat them as precursors of similar, future occurrences. Not that we agree with the beliefs of our ancestors, but the fact remains that the present day happenings in the political arena appear to signify that something seems to be wrong somewhere. We also wonder whether this battle between two jumbos is some sort of symbol,  signifying  an ongoing battle for supremacy,  which may in turn indicate a breakdown of the “marriage” between two disparate partners.

When observing the present state of affairs we find everyone of the made-to-fit clan seems to be at each other’s throats like the two pachyderms in the photographs.
And the million-dollar question is, what will the future be for the voting public of Sri Lanka, when humans try to outdo animals?


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