BiasCOPE: How will it end?

Although Bioscope and BiasCOPE sound similar they refer to two different important events connected to our lives.

Bioscope, the invention by Thomas Alva Edison is a deceptive animated depiction of a series  of events which ultimately reveals a story.The bioscope or the cinema takes us into a make-believe world where in some instances you find heroes and villains.

The BiasCOPE which was presented recently also deceptively depicts a series of events that affect the political and societal fabric of Sri Lanka. In this sensational story too, there are villains and heroes similar to bioscope plots and if only Edison knew about the embarrassing rumpus that the biasCOPE created he would have definitely changed the name bioscope to something else!

In the biasCOPE, the villains or biased characters try, by any mean possible, to protect the culprits and schemers of the recent Central Bank bond scam while the heroes or the unbiased characters who, with all the difficulties facing them, are trying to reveal and bring to book the true perpetrators of this colossal financial crime. The biasCOPE, based on the above conflict seem to have captured the attention of everyone in Sri Lanka.

According to the story in the biasCOPE, the country has lost billions due to this unforgivable “Horakama” and the public is demanding punishment for all the “Horu” who have done this, as well as who had instructed the “Horu” to do it.

The whole country, devoid of party and colours, is watching this with concern!

But there are questions to be answered.

What will be the action by the Attorney General’s Office to which it will be referred, as stated by the Prime Minister?

How will the Representatives of the People, who were voted to the office by the People, vote if the biasCOPE report is put to the vote in Parliament?

Will the perpetrators and the plotters be punished or elevated to high positions?

The PUBLIC is watching with interest to see how “The End” will turn out at the conclusion of the biasCOPE!



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