Wild Elephants, Forestry And Bizarre Solutions For Budget Deficit

Budget deficit is a problem faced by many governments. But how to handle it in a reasonable manner is dependable. Most frequently used solution is privatization. In other words selling government own companies, departments or industries to private sector. Hardly ever a Sri Lankan government tried to narrow the budget deficit by selling wild life or any other natural resources.

The good governance government is about to make a u-turn on this by selling wild elephants and state owned forestry. During a meeting held with some ministers and officers, it was proposed that larger income can be expected by selling wild elephants. Further it was pointed out by the minister who proposed the above, that it will make it easier to find elephants to perahara, elephant fences wont be necessary and elephant - people fight will be stopped. 

Last week it was proposed to cut trees which belong to Forest Department of Sri Lanka to make Rs. 4000 million.

However, no final decision has been made in this regard.



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