Ten Things You Should Know About Mahendran's 'Re-appointment Bid' As CB Governor

1) Civil society representatives, who were instrumental in the victorious election campaign of President Maithripala Sirisena, have vehemently opposed Arjuna Mahendran's re-appointment as the Central Bank Governor. They have even launched social media campaigns to discourage government from re-appointing Mahendran to the position, for another term.

2) President Sirisena himself, making a special statement last year after giving nominations to his arch-enemy Rajapaksa to contest on the SLFP ticket, said he wanted Mahendran to resign from the CB Governor's post in the wake of the Treasury Bonds controversy.

3) The SLFP group supporting President Sirisena and his "Unity Government" have apposed Mahendran's reappointment stating the public has lost faith in the Governor, after the alleged bond scam, February, last year. 

4) The only SLFPer who has spoken in favour of Mahendran is Sarath Amunugama who, at the group meeting of the ruling coalition last week, said there was no evidence to corroborate charges against the CB Governor.

5) The Joint Opposition group supporting the Rajapaksas has been quite vociferous about its opposition to re-appoint Mahendran as the CB Governor .

6) There is an 'outcry' from certain quarters of the Central Bank, to remove Mahendran as the CB Governor, on the grounds that the latter had crippled the inner working of some departments of the bank.

7) Despite numerous allegations levelled against him, the UNP still backs the Central Bank Governor, quite explicitly, saying he was the "only man" who could revive the country's ailing economy, at this juncture.

8) Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who personally approached the CB Governor to take up the position, in January, 2015, seems to be the staunchest supporter of Mahendran, as far as his 're-appointment bid' is concerned. 

9) At a crucial ruling alliance's group meeting last week, the MPs decided to entrust the President and the Prime Minister with the task of making a final decision on the CB Governor's second term in office. 

10) Mahendra's re-appointment, to a large extent, hinges on one pertinent question i.e. 'who wields more authority in the current administration - is it the President or the Prime Minister?'

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