KOICA supported New practice room for Beauty culture and Hairdressing, Anuradhapura NYSC in Sri Lanka

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), dedicated to provide grant aid programs of Korean government, announced that the “Handover ceremony for New practice room for Beauty culture and Hairdressing in Anuradhapura NYSC (National Youth Services Council)” on 19 March.

This project was carried out by Korean Volunteer, Ms. Dakyung KIM, for renovating practice room and equipping shampooing chair, mirror, study desks, chairs and etc. at amount of 3.4 million rupees with help of NYSC Anuradhapura. Anuradhapura NYSC is established in 1980 and provides Sri Lankan youth with mainly 5 courses - Vocational training, Language, Traditional Dance & Music, Hotel Management, and Pre-school education.  KOICA steadily provided Korean volunteers to Anuradhapura NYSC and ameliorated education environment for Sri Lankan youth. These efforts could be taken as a good effect on improving the capability of Sri Lankan youth. It is expected to nurture more Sri Lankan youth as beauty specialists by providing high quality beauty education environment up to NVQ level 5 in the near future.

Around 100 people attended this ceremony including the Deputy Country Director of KOICA Sri Lanka office Mr. GyongShik CHON, the Director training of NYSC Mr. Sunil Karunarathna and other distinguished guests.

Mr. CHON expressed his congratulation for opening new practice room. Following that, he said that Sri Lankan government has also interest in empowering Sri Lankan Youth as he knows. He hoped that KOICA’s activities could be a small seed to Sri Lankan people providing voluntary services in many places.

Mr. Sunil Karunarathna expected to have further cooperation between KOICA and NYSC which has 52 branches throughout the Island explaining his experience as UN Volunteer in 1990s in Nepal.

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